iTeach is a community initiated, developed and managed site for CSU staff to share their learning and teaching practice. It complements our formal, institutional site for examples of the Online Learning Model strategies and applied teaching practice, CSU Learning Exchange (CSULX), by providing a space where all staff can immediately share what is working in their own learning and teaching, no matter how large or small. This allows us as a community to learn from each other in an immediate and dynamic way. Posts that emerge as outstanding examples will be passed onto the CSULX team for potential further development as a case study.

We strongly encourage you to join in!

iTeach is managed by the CSU Wiki Working Party, which includes stakeholders from all three Faculties, including Sub-Deans (Learning & Teaching) and the Division of Learning and Teaching. The site is designed to complement the CSU Wiki, an institutional community space for knowledge sharing and co-developing resources about learning and teaching, which complements CSU’s official institutional sites.

Anyone can post to the site, though we are focused on CSU staff members – both teaching and those supporting learning and teaching. Posts are submitted as ‘drafts’, to be published by our editing team (for more information on the process, visit the FAQs.

The current editing team, most of whom are also members of the Working Party, include:

Faculty of Arts and Education

Harriet Ridolfo (Sub-Dean Learning & Teaching)
Christopher Orchard (Sub-Dean Academic)

Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences

Warwick Baines (Sub-Dean, Learning & Teaching)
Carole Hunter (Lecturer in Online & Blended Learning)
Kath Herbert (Lecturer in Blended Learning)

Additional staff assisting with the 2020 BJBS UnSymposium:
Donna Mathewson Mitchell (Sub-Dean, Design & Development, Division of Learning & Teaching)
Rebecca Acheson (Educational Design Lead, Division of Learning & Teaching)
Charles Vandepeer (Senior Lecturer, AGSPS)

Faculty of Science

Kelly Linden (Acting Sub-Dean, Learning & Teaching)

Division of Learning & Teaching

Lucy Webster (Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning & Teaching)
Kellie Smyth (Lecturer, Academic Development)
Michelle Wilkinson (Senior Educational Designer)