While examples of both online and on-campus teaching practice are strongly encouraged in iTeach, CSU’s  Online Learning Model (OLM) provides a convenient way to organise those examples. For academics, it means whether you are searching on the official CSU Learning Exchange (CSULX) or on our community iTeach blog, you’ll find consistency in how examples are organised. If your teaching practice example doesn’t fit neatly into one of the OLM categories, we’ve added an ‘other’ category that you can use.

What is the OLM?

The Online Learning Model underpins Charles Sturt University’s approach to online learning, and consists of 7 elements designed to increase student engagement, retention and overall satisfaction. You can view the summary document (PDF), and find out more about the various elements here:

Community examples that stand out for various reasons (e.g. filling gaps, exemplary practice) will be forwarded to the team working on CSULX for potential incorporation.