Why is this important to learning and teaching?

I teach Information security, and in this subject, it is important to understand the security aspect of every technology, including Internet of Things (IoT). Undertaking this academic survey of Blockchain in the IoT allowed me to gain insight into current practice and industry application.

What did you learn that is relevant for your teaching?

The paper enabled me to understand various security aspects of IoT and blockchain enabled applications. These include mechanical and digital machines, objects, or unique identifiers provided to animals with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to computer interaction.

The application to industry is big. Securing this technology is the first priority for manufacturers and developers. After contributing to this paper, I was able to build a comprehensive understanding and knowledge in the importance of securing Blockchain enabled applications which in return reflected on my way of teaching.  This was insight I wanted to impart to my students in ITC595.

What did it look like?

In information Security ITC595 Assessment 2, one of the proposed topics of research was the security of Blockchain enabled applications.

Unlike the known human to human or human to computer interaction, I can now explain to my students, other means of interaction, such as equipping animals with the ability to transfer (Send and receive) data over networks without human intervention.

Since the subject (ITC595) discusses IT Security, I was also able to understand and therefore pass the knowledge of IoT and blockchain enabled applications and their security to my students. Students could then look at assessment 2 and move from conceptualising and visualising to application and implementation. This was of great interest to students who wanted to be part of current and real-world applications.

Moreover, it enabled me to present research-based evidence on energy efficient schemes for IoT in different cloud environments. This was particularly helpful during my Cloud computing lecture.