Wikis have been around for a long time…..although this tool is currently used by only a small number of academics in the Faculty of Science. In this short case study, Tania Johnston discusses how she uses the wiki tool in to enhance peer-to-peer interaction in a post-graduate paramedicine subject. 

What were you trying to achieve?

PHC401 Paramedic Intensive Care for Paediatrics is a post-graduate subject with around 50 enrollments each offering.  This subject includes a number of assessment tasks that require students to create content and then share the resources for editing and reflection by their colleagues. In Assessment Item 2, students are required to create five short (~200 words) wiki pages based on the content presented in the learning modules. Students are then asked to edit and comment on their peers work. This strategy not only encourages the students to engage more deeply with the subject content, but also establishes a strong learning community where students benefit from the collective knowledge of the class. 

What did it look like?

Watch the screen cast recorded by Tania Johnston to see this approach in action….

How can I make this happen? 

In Tania’s recording you can see that there are lots of advanced features of the wiki tool, in particular metrics to assist with grading and automatic links with Grade Centre. Blackboard Help has some general information about the use of wikis, plus additional help on Grading Wikis.

If you are interested in using this type of strategy in your subject and are not sure where to start please enter a Service Request with the Division of Student Learning and an Educational Designer will get in touch with you.