The embedded librarian program was developed in 2015, and is the Library’s approach to providing contextualised, scaffolded information literacy support across Charles Sturt courses. Our librarians assess which subjects are suitable for embedded involvement, by looking at a list of criteria. Things like whether a subject is core or elective, whether the subject demonstrates the Information & Research Literacies GLO, course progressions, learning outcomes, and assessment tasks will all contribute to its suitability to embed library support.

Once ideal subjects have been identified, librarians collaborate with academic staff to access subject sites and embed support. This support comes in a range of different formats, but usually fits one or more of three main types:

  1. Research Skills Guides – a standalone, asynchronous resource developed by your embedded librarian to step students through the research process, as it relates to a particular assessment task.
  2. Librarian discussion board support – giving students access to their embedded librarian in their subject’s discussion board, ensuring that any queries are being fielded by their own librarian who already understands the context and finer details of their subject.
  3. Information literacy classes – online, face-to-face, or pre-recorded classes which step students through the research process as it relates to their subject and assessment tasks.

Student feedback about the embedded program is overwhelmingly positive, with over 90% of 201930 survey respondents feeling that their research skills guide or class helped them find information for their assessment tasks. 201930 student feedback is also positive:

“Thank you very much, I feel like CSU and the embedded librarians are very thorough and helpful. I already feel less daunted by the idea of studying for the assessment. Thank you very much. Very different from other study facilities I have encountered previously.”

“The information we received regarding searching for sources was invaluable and I am grateful for the ongoing support the library team offers.”

“This is a wonderful resource of information that helped myself, as a first time student, in feeling much more confident about research.”

If you’d like more information about the embedded librarian program, or if you’d like to suggest a subject for library involvement, contact the library’s Arts and Ed team via