The Law of Employment for postgraduate students is not an easy subject and, somewhat, dry. The concepts are not easy to grasp and the legislation is interwoven and complex. There are always some students who think they know all there is about the subject before they even start studying it. Other students think they know the relevant parts of the legislation when they are half way through the subject but, actually, they often do not understand some of the more fundamental concepts. Afterr teaching the subject for some years, the subject convenor gets a good understanding of what mistakes are committed by students in their assessments.

A carton video embedded in a topic that concludes the analysis of the fair work legislation has the following aims: (1) it injects humour into what are otherwise complex and dry topics; (2) it allows students to check whether their understanding of the legislation is correct; (3) it lets students correct what may otherwise be their misunderstandings of the legislation;.


Preparation of a cartoon video using simple cartoon animation software called Nawmal. The video took approximately ½ day to 1 day to prepare. The cartoon video uses amusing characters and provides applause and cheering when one of the characters gets her analysis of the legislation correct. The other character is modelled on a student in the subject who thinks he already knows everything there is to know about the legislation but actually commits many mistakes (commonly made by students) when he attempts to explain the legislation. The video uses appropriate sound effects and voices to further inject humour into the site. The female character makes one mistake in the video and students need to identify and post it in the discussions tool. This encourages students to think carefully about what the female character is saying and test their own understanding of the legislation.

Watch Elle and Albert discuss concept of Environment Law