Are you finding routine admin tasks taking up a lot of your time? In this case study, Daren Jay from the Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences, talks about how he’s used three applications to streamline his consultation process with students. While it requires some investment of time to set up, the rewards pay off later in significantly reduced admin time for both staff and students.

What were you trying to achieve?

JST313 ‘Investigative Interviewing’ is delivered online to a group of up to 65 students per session.  The subject comprises written and practical assignments and a residential weekend held at Goulburn, NSW that is attended by up 24 students during the session.

The idea of exploring Process Automation was to establish whether or not technology, or indeed technologies, could be used to enhance and potentially streamline student and subject coordinator ‘touch-points’ within the subject. Could technology be used to reduce the administrative burden placed on the subject coordinator in managing student contact, email and event bookings such as webinars and the residential weekend during each session?

What did it look like?

The following presentation captures the extent of the administrative challenges Daren sought to alleviate with the use of technology and takes a look at the early results which look quite promising.

How can I make this happen?

Automation doesn’t have to be complicated.  Setting up a simple and free to use web-based calendar application can be very straight-forward. But be warned – once you realise how such a software can improve your life, you’ll definitely feel the need to start exploring further! If you wold like to know more please reach out to Daren Jay or your Educational Designer.  You might find his introduction to Calendly useful too.

This was originally presented in a Pecha Kucha session as part of the FoBJBS Learning and Teaching Symposium, April 2017. Daren has also presented in previous sessions for the Faculty.